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If you plan to come to Germany, please note: Regarding information on entry and residence regulations it is essential to contact the competent representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (German embassy or German consulate) in your home country in good time. The general recommendation is a minimum of three months prior to the scheduled departure. This particularly applies to non-EU residents.

When applying for a visa, foreign nationals usually are obligated to prove that they have:

  • A passport valid for another three months after leaving Germany
  • Documents verifying the intended purpose of the stay in Germany
  • A health insurance policy valid for all Schengen states providing medical coverage equivalent to the value of at least EUR 30,000 (including return transportation)
  • Sufficient financial means to cover all costs of the trip to and the stay in Germany

Language training at our school may provide the basis for an application for an education and training visa. In this case, one of the prerequisites is an officially issued confirmation by activ lernen stating your intention to study with us. According to our terms, you must conclude a contract for a course over a minimum period of three months. A down payment of 50% of the total amount of the course fee is to be effected. The confirmation letter will be issued upon receipt of payment and signature of contract. Likewise, you may obtain confirmation of accommodation arranged by us.

Regarding the course start, please let us know should your home country fail to issue your visa in due time. Usually, we are able to postpone your course start to a later point of time. Alternatively, there is the possibility to terminate the contract. Even though, in this case, you will be refunded any payment made, we reserve the right to deduct a handling charge of € 80. In this case please provide the official rejection letter of the competent German authorithy in your home country.

Please note:
The contract form needs to be filled in completely – including the date, you wish to start the course – signed, and sent back to our school via mail, fax or email. The amount payable may be sent to the school (please contact us), or transferred electronically to the following bank account:

Name of the Bank: Commerzbank
Bank Account: Maria Baron, activ lernen


IBAN: DE 18 3704 0044 0555 966 100     


Health insurance policy

Have you made sure that your health insurance policy provides for a sufficient coverage of your stay in Germany?
If needed, we look forward to arranging affordable health insurance policies for our foreign students. The insurance contract may be concluded starting with a term of already one month up to four years, thus providing sufficient coverage of health insurance during your stay in Germany. Upon request, coverage might be extended (e.g. casualty insurance or private liability insurance). Care College (Plus)

Benefits and allowances

Nowadays, human capital is broadly recognized as the one resource that is likely to enhance the competitiveness of companies and economies significantly. Accordingly, many countries actively attempt to develop human capital by funding the education of their nationals abroad.

In this context we advise you to check the following options:

  • Contact your domestic tax office for information on tax benefits and/or special tax incentives.
  • Ask your employer for financial assistance and/or paid time off from work.
  • Get information from your university or your respective training provider as to which extent your achievements / certificates obtained at activ lernen may be recognized.

Studying in Germany

Language requirements for foreign students at German universities and universities of applied science:

There is no general answer to the question which language requirements need to be met in order to study in Germany. The requirements and the point of time they need to be met vary depending on which university or university of applied science one wishes to study at. Another crucial aspect to be considered is, whether appropriate qualifications for entrance to higher education in Germany are met.
Therefore we strongly advise you to gather detailed information on any kind of requirements and prerequisites in good time at the student guidance and counselling centres of the respective universities you wish to apply at.

If you have an appropriate qualification for entrance to higher education, usually you will have to pass the DSH (German Language Exam for Academic Purposes), or the TestDaF (Test of German as a Foreign Language). In order to be able to pass these tests, your linguistic proficiency of the German language needs to be above the intermediate level known as the Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung (ZMP; corresponding to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

For students without any previous knowledge of the German language our courses are scheduled as follows:

  • Basic level (A1 - B1) - 6 months
  • Intermediate level (B2 - C1) - 4 months
  • Preparatory course (DSH) - 2 months

For further information, please click the following links:

Zentralstelle für die Vergabe von Studienplätzen (ZVS) (Central office for the assignment of study places)

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German academic exchange service)

Auswärtiges Amt (Foreign office)

Übersicht über die Hochschulen in Köln (Overview of the Universities in Cologne)