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Welcome! - Bienvenue! - Bienvenido! - Willkommen!

Covid19 update 27.05.2020

Online courses ----- Exams ---- Accessibility by phone and email

Dear Students,

the requirements for presence teaching are still very strict at the moment, so we will continue to conduct our courses online via Skype or zoom for the moment.

The final exams and the end of each course level are being held in presence at the school.

Exams for external candidates ( e.g. Nurses )


Individual class and

Consultation  by appointment is possible here at the school as well.

Contact: info@activlernen.de

Consultation by phone  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12 – 14 hrs

The following courses are taking place online at the moment, get in touch if you wish to join:

A1.1 02.06.2020 – 29.06.2020

A1.2 30.06.2020 – 27.07.2020


A2.2 25.05.2020 - 19.06.2020

B1.1 22.06.2020 – 17.07.2020


B1.1 25.05.2020 - 19.06.2020

B1.2 22.06.2020 – 17.07.2020


B2.1 13.05.2020 – 09.06.2020

B2.2 10.06.2020 – 07.07.2020


C1.1 26.05.2020 - 22.06.2020

C1.2 23.06.2020 - 20.07.2020


C1.1 29.06.2020 – 24.07.2020

C1.2 27.07.2020 - 21.08.2020

+ next levels accordingly, so also get in touch if you are interested in any course level starting one of the following months !

*telc German B2 each 3rd Tuesday of the month

*telc german C1 Hochschule each 4th Tuesday of  the month

*telc German A1 and A2 by appointment

Thank you for your understanding and patience – take care!





Based in the centre of Cologne, activ lernen is a language school which has been providing language training successfully since 1998. Thousands of participants have already learned German and other languages with us through the years - in an environment where learning is fun and where your success is our goal.

 We are a member of the FaDaf (Professional Association German as a Foreign Language) and as a licensed TELC (The European Language Certificates) and TestDaf-examination centre, we are able to offer official TELC and TestDaf examinations at our school.
Firm in our commitment to provide effective language training, we enjoy the opportunity of offering regular intensive courses in German as a foreign language throughout all levels on constantly updated training material.

In addition, our scope of services comprises customized coaching in groups or one-to-one lessons, ranging from conversation training, through exam preparation to specialized language training relevant to business and professional life.

Apart from German as a foreign language, activ lernen offers language training in various other languages with native speakers or trained teachers in courses customized to your requirements.